• The conference will have two category paper awards: (1) Best Service Science Student Paper award and (2) Best Service Science Conference Paper award. Only accepted full/short papers will be considered for the awards. For the Best Student Paper award competition, the first author must be a student at the time of paper submission. 
  • When you submit your paper, please indicate which category of competition your paper would like to be considered. You can only select to compete in one of the two awards. If you select to compete for the Best Student Paper award, you attest that the first author is a student at the time of paper submission.
  • The conference will also organize the Best Poster competition. Abstracts will be considered for the awards when their posters are submitted. Poster authors must be present to answer questions online or onside at the time of conference. ´╝łOnsite meetings will be limited due to the ongoing pandemic in China.)


Best Conference paper

Best Service Science Conference Paper Finalists

  • Optimal Unit Locations in Emergency Service Systems with Bayesian Optimization, by Wenqian Xing and Cheng Hua
  • Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Formulations for the Inbound Container Re-marshaling Problem in an Automated Container Terminal, by Bo Jin, Zhishan Yu and Mingzhu Yu
  • A Deep Learning Model for Mining Behavioral Preference of Home Care Demanders to Suppliers, by Hongying Fei and Mingzhu Xu
  • A Penalized Neural Network Model for Predicting Unobserved Scores of Construct Indicators and Reproducing Latent Scores of the Theoretical Constructs by Using Text Information, by Toshikuni Sato
  • Targeted Bayesian Persuasion in a Basic Selfish Routing Game, byYinlian Zeng, Qiaochu He and Xiaoqiang Cai

best student paper

Best Service Science Student Paper Finalists

  • Implications of Worker Classification in On-Demand Economy, by Zhoupeng Zhang, Ming Hu and Jianfu Wang
  • Human-robotic collaborative mode analysis in human-robotic collaborative order picking systems, by Shanshan Song, Peng Yang, Zixin Shao and Yeming Gong
  • Robust facility location selection under facility failure in close-loop supply chain, by Jianzhi Leng, Lun Ran and Zihao Jiao
  • An anticipative order reservation and on-line order batching algorithm based on machine learning, by Zhiq Qu and Peng Yang
  • Products and Services Bundling under Horizontal Market Competitions, by Yimo Yu, Zhitong Liao, Qiaochu He and Weiling Ke 
  • On the value of orderly charging in improving power grid resilience, by Yuqiu Deng, Zihao Jiao, Mengqi Li and Lun Ran
  • Analysis of factors influencing the selection of billing model for whole-process engineering consulting services based on DEMATEL-ISM, by Ronghui Sun and Yanfeng Chu
  • Dynamic Ranking of Physicians in Online Healthcare Platforms with Multiple Service Types, by Ziwei Wang, Jie Song and Jingtong Zhao
  • Stochastic Churn Modeling with Dynamic Attribution and Bayesian Estimation, byPing Chou and Howard Chuang
  • The Impact of Electronic Shelf Label on Customer Well-being in the Omnichannel Smart Retail, by Darren Jonathan Ovani and Nila Armelia Windasari